You are experiencing an impressive increase in the number of projects within your organization and require more resources to be allocated to them. You are worried about increasing costs, communication problems, and excessive documentation. You need to have a specially dedicated team dedicated to your projects.

Or, your organization already has a PMO, but it is performing below expectations. You need more flexibility and responsiveness of the PMO to perform its role effectively and achieve your strategic goals.


We will support you both in establishing the Project Management Office, or in improving its existing structure. We will define the needs and capabilities of your organization and work out a tailor-made plan that focuses on achieving specific goals. PMOs that are already in operation are subjected to an objective assessment to base our recommendations on changes to the conclusions. We also offer assistance in selecting the team and providing its members with the necessary mentorship and mentorship support.


  • simplify and harmonize your internal project management processes,
  • make better use of resources dedicated to projects,
  • improve alignment between projects and your organization’s business strategy,
  • when implementing new projects, you will benefit from past experience,
  • by choosing expert support for creating or improving PMO, you will optimize the cost of this investment.

By creating a PMO with us, you will save time, money and minimize the risks associated with projects.