You need to build an effective project management culture from the ground up, or to improve the existing project management processes within your organization.

Your company is developing dynamically and is pursuing more and more projects, but so far there has been no project management methodology within the organization and you want to be sure that your projects will be successful and your business goals will be met.


We will design a project management methodology tailored to your organization’s needs and capabilities. It will be a set of processes, procedures and tools that support the project from the concept stage, through its launch, planning, implementation, control, and closure. Based on globally-recognized project management standards, we will provide you with a tailormade road map, and customer-specific model that will be implemented jointly through pilot projects.


  • you will have a clear step-by-step manual for project managers, sponsors, team members to guide them throughout the project lifecycle,
  • you will increase the effectiveness of project implementation,
  • we will make it easier for you to control the status of your projects and facilitate faster intervention where needed.

Increase your organization's competitiveness by completing your projects faster, cheaper, and more effectively.