Your organization is carrying out many projects and has encountered a variety of challenges: communication problems, inadequate resource management, missed deadlines, deviation from strategic goals, and increased number of failed projects.


We can carry out a systematic diagnosis of you organization’s project maturity based on the best international standards. We will use them to analyze your organization’s processes, methods and tools, conduct document reviews, and interview employees in your project environment. The result of this analysis will be an objective “Project Maturity Report”, which will include conclusions and recommendations for the future.


  • you will learn about the current state of project management in your organization, taking into account the views of project participants and stakeholders,
  • you will find out what are the strengths of your current project management practices,
  • you will improve the quality and efficiency of communication by bringing together knowledge and experience in one place,
  • you can use actionable recommendations to achieve the desired level of project maturity,
  • you will be able to judge, which improvements are possible to achieve the goals of your projects, programs, and portfolios more effectively.

Learn where you are, so you can effectively determine where you want to be.