Team, Communication, and Stakeholder Management

During this training participants will learn proven tools and techniques that will help improve their “soft” project management skills. Effective project managers must know how to properly build project teams, how to select team members, how to develop team potential and also how to help prepare team members to cope with difficult and crisis situations. Good communication is also an important element in effective teamwork: meetings, discussions, project documentation. Regular communication with key project stakeholders is also crucial – building and maintaining good relationships – so to create a positive image of the project within the organizationa and wider project environment. All of these topics will be covered during this highly interactive training.

The Team, Communication, and Stakeholder Management module is also part of our PMP® Academy, which covers advanced project management techniques and prepares participants to receive the internationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification.

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Training details

Duration 2 days (16 h)
Level Advanced
Certificate PMI® REP
Number of PDUs in the PMI® competence triangle
Leadership 10
Strategic and Business Managment 2
Technical Project Management 4
Sum 16


  • present communication, team, and stakeholder management processes during the project lifecycle,
  • demonstrate various communication styles and tools that support effective communication,
  • highlight the importance of communication and soft skills in day-to-day project work,
  • teach techniques for influencing stakeholders to ensure the achievement of project objectives.


  • improve the effectiveness of your project team,
  • learn how to choose the right people for your team and how to tailor your style of leadership,
  • learn how to navigate through difficult interpersonal situations, including conflicts, and how to respond to them properly,
  • learn how to increase team motivation and cultivate an atmosphere of cooperation,
  • be more effective in influencing your project environment by adopting appropriate strategies for managing different stakeholders.


  • project managers,
  • members of project teams,
  • executives involved in projects,
  • experienced managers interested in upgrading their competence in project management,
  • candidates for PMP® and CAPM® certifications.


  • planning communication in projects,
  • analysing stakeholder communication needs,
  • creating a communication management plan,
  • communication styles and techniques,
  • methods of acquiring and distributing information,
  • managing stakeholder expectations,
  • planning and organizing project meetings,
  • project reporting,
  • building productive project teams based on effective communication,
  • creating a project team structure,
  • assigning roles and responsibilities among project team members,
  • different stages of project team development,
  • improving interpersonal team relationships,
  • using authority and persuasion to increase team productivity,
  • resolving team conflicts,
  • negotiation in project management,
  • management and leadership,
  • identification of stakeholders,
  • planning stakeholder management,
  • managing stakeholder engagement,
  • controlling stakeholder engagement.

The training was conducted in a professional manner. The trainer encouraged participants to share their opinions and experiences, which made the material take on a more practical dimension. A few days after the training, when I asked for additional help, I got it without any problems. I recommend PM Experts to both future project managers as well as experienced managers. Krzysztof Drożdż, Project Manager, Hewlett-Packard The Netherlands

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