Scope, Schedule and Cost Management

The training introduces participants to the world of managing 3 main project constraints, i.e. scope, time and costs. The first one – scope – results from approval of project requirements and is included in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). WBS is the basis for defining project activities and creation of a schedule, i.e. management of the second constraint – time. Budget – the result of managing the third constraint – is drawn up as a result of estimation of the cost of resources necessary to implement activities defined in the schedule.

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Training details

Duration 2 days (16 hours)
Level Advanced
Certificate PMI® REP
Number of PDUs in the PMI® competence triangle
Leadership 2
Strategic and Business Managment 4
Technical Project Management 10
Sum 16


  • discussing project requirements: how to define and translate them into project scope,
  • presentation of ways to create a division of labor (WBS),
  • presentation of methods for creating and managing the schedule and efficient estimation of costs and budgeting,
  • learning tools for measuring project status,
  • acquire the skills needed to manage the change.


  • Know the tools and skills you can apply to each project, regardless of the methodology or approach you use,
  • You will appreciate the role of a thorough analysis of the initial situation, which will help you plan your work accordingly,
  • You will be able to maintain a balance of "triangles of limitations", by effectively managing change in the project,
  • You will learn to analyze and report progress through the scope, schedule and budget,
  • As a result, you will realize more projects successfully and increase their profitability.


  • project managers,
  • members of project teams,
  • executives involved in projects,
  • those interested in upgrading their competence in project management,
  • candidates for PMP® and CAPM® certifications,
  • people with lesser project experience who want to learn the basics of project management.


  • Project scope management,
  • Project requirements defining process,
  • Planning project scope on the basis of customer’s requirements,
  • Project scope statement,
  • Building a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS),
  • Role of WBS in project planning and control,
  • Techniques of time and cost estimates,
  • Developing project schedules,
  • Network diagrams, Gantt and milestone charts,
  • Critical Path Method,
  • Technique of budgeting of the project and its individual stages,
  • Developing project baseline plans,
  • Predicting the course of the project with the use of historical data,
  • Advanced project control with the use of Earned Value method,
  • Change management process,
  • Deviations management in cost estimate and schedule,
  • Closing the project in the context of scope, schedule and costs.

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