Effective Project Management

Effective Project Management is an intense, one-day training during which participants will learn how to successfully manage projects of various degrees of complexity. The program goes through the entire project lifecycle, and covers key techniques and tools that will increase the likelihood that projects will end on time, on budget, and within scope. Upon successful completion of the training, participants are also equipped with basic tools and templates of management documents ready to be used in their daily work.

The course is conducted by accredited project management trainers, project managers with many years of experience. The training is also highly interactive and is conducted in small groups. The practical part of the workshop is based on a case study, which reinforces the new skills and knowledge which participants have acquired and lets them apply those skills in practice.

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Training details

Duration 1 day (8 hours)
Level Introductory
Certificate PMI® REP
Number of PDUs in the PMI® competence triangle
Leadership 0
Strategic and Business Managment 4
Technical Project Management 4
Sum 8


  • Getting prepared to effectively execute projects of low complexity,
  • Getting to know the most important success factors in project management,
  • Presenting the full life cycle of project management,
  • Applying tools and techniques to a realistic case study,
  • Helping with the application of new knowledge in ongoing projects.


  • You will receive a shortened recipe for successfully running projects in your daily work,
  • You will learn how to respond to rapidly changing environmental conditions, which will reduce stress and uncertainty,
  • You will understand how to operate in an environment with organizational and cost constraints,
  • You will learn how to organize knowledge and tools during team building exercises,
  • By seeing positive effects, you will be able to choose how to further enhance your competence in project management.


  • people who are starting their career in project management,
  • experienced project managers who want to refine their knowledge of PMI® project management standards,
  • anyone who is starting a new project and wants to know the techniques and tools that are critical to its success,
  • members of project teams.


Introduction to project management

  • the definition and characteristics of projects,
  • organizational strategy and projects,
  • project management processes,
  • the project manager and his / project stakeholders,
  • assumptions and limitations of the project,
  • project management life cycle,
  • groups of processes in project management,
  • areas of project management knowledge.

Project initiation

  • the business objectives of the project,
  • design card,
  • stakeholder analysis.

Project planning

  • kick-off meeting,
  • project management plan,
  • defining project requirements,
  • workbreak down structure (WBS),
  • project Schedule,
  • project budget,
  • support plans,
  • project risk planning,
  • base plans.

Project execution

  • management of the project team,
  • effective communication,
  • integration of project work.

Monitoring and control

  • reporting the status of the project,
  • shift management.

Completion of the project

  • delivery of products,
  • documentation of project closure,
  • lessons learned.

In order to best describe the quality of the Project Management Foundations course, the review should be divided into several sub-points: 1) The training took place in a small group so that the trainer could devote enough time to each participant and additionally clarified some issues individually. 2) The knowledge part of the training composed of valuable content. During the 8h training the trainer walked through all the basic issues connected to project management. The amount of information provided was not too excessive, and topics discussed during the training can be further explored by participants on their own. 3) The trainer plays a key role in every training. In this case, the rich knowledge of the lecturer, supported by numerous examples, and the ability to impart knowledge in a comprehensible form, greatly facilitated the understanding of the subject. I strongly recommend training organized by PM Experts.

Maciej Żołnierkiewicz, owner, Hator Gro

The training was very informative. The training plan was clear, legible and very well executed. Thanks to that, the entire process of developing a design plan and its individual elements were easy to understand and assimilate. Practical exercises helped solidify this knowledge and show how to use it practically.

Dariusz Szymkiewicz, Project Manager, Hager Polo

I liked this training very much! The trainer was great, the atmosphere was very pleasant, and all the materials were very well suited to the topic of the training. The teacher also expanded on the materials when needed, answering questions from the room, so that everyone could learn more about the topic that interested them most.

Hubert Gałczyński, Head of Administration and Customer Service, Business Point

I fully recommend the Project Management Foundations training organized by PM Experts. The training was conducted in a fun atmosphere, so you could make direct contact with the trainer. A great plus was referring how the theoretical knowledge relates to real-life practice.

Jan Pisula, CEO, NetInteractive

I especially liked the way the training was carried out, as well as the dedication and enthusiasm of the trainer. The materials were also very professional. The training was very clear. There were many "examples from life" that he shared with us, as well as the methods for team integration, which deserve to be praised. All this made this special day to pass very quickly.

Michał Burczyński, Project Manager, Wincor Nixdorf Sp. With o.o

As an emerging project leader, who up until now worked intuitively during the planning process, I approached this training with a lot of curiosty. I counted on not only getting the knowledge that would make it easier for me to plan work in the future, but also to get to know aspects of project management that I had not yet realized and could influence the quality of my initiatives. I was not disappointed, the training fully met my expectations, I am richer because of the knowledge I gained, I will try to apply it in practice.

Natalia Wojtalik, PR Department Assistant, Gdansk PEC.

The training was conducted at a very high level, with an ideal combination of interactive discussion stimulating tasks.

Emilia Wolniewicz, Project Management Team Assistnt, Getin Bank

For me, this training course was sensational. I confirmed for myself that I manage projects in my daily work without even knowing it. The trainer was competent, prepared not only substantively, but competently and above all – had experience. I am very thankful for the training about it’s a pity that it was so short.

Agata Blicharz, Senior Process Optimization Specialist, Logintrans Sp. With o.o.

This extensive training gives an excellent introduction for people who are starting work on a wide variety of projects. The trainer perfectly combined his theoretical knowledge with extensive practical knowledge on various examples taken from real life. I certainly recommend this training as an introduction to project management.

Łukasz Rzońca - QA & Automatio

The training was very well organized. It was ran in a small group, almost as if it were an individual training. The trainer was made the course very interesting, for example, from his extensive work experience and based on examples given by us. And it was very helpful for me to understand the issues raised in the training. The course also introduced many topics that will help me in my current job. The training also allowed us to become familiar with the methodology of project management. I am very happy and highly recommend i

Renata Grybel

The Project Management Foundations course was conducted in a very professional manner. In spite of the basic scope of the subject matter, a lot of issues related to project management were discussed. The thoroughly prepared materials, in combination with hands-on exercises, made it easy to acquire new knowledge. The trainer also deserves praise, as he showed great experience, commitment and knowledge.

Przemysław Borowski, PhD student at Poznań University of Technology

I believe the training was conducted in a very diligent and professional manner. I was very impressed by the person leading it. In the future, I will certainly be interested in taking further trainings and obtaining a CAPM certificate.

Szymon Turczyński

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