PRINCE2® Foundation + Practitioner

This intense five-day training introduces participants to the world of project management according to the word renowned PRINCE2® methodology. The training focuses on an in-depth presentation of the methodology, i.e. the 7 principles, 7 processes and 7 themes of PRINCE2®. It is a highly interactive program delivered by experienced project management trainers. During the first three days participants are intorduced to the main tools and techniques used in PRINCE2®, and are thoroughly prepared to sit the PRINCE2® Foundation exam. In the following two days, participants apply their knowledge in case studies in preparation to receive a  PRINCE2® Practitioner certificate.

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Training details

Duration 5 days (40h)
Level expert
Number of PDUs in the PMI® competence triangle
Leadership 5
Strategic and Business Managment 15
Technical Project Management 20
Sum 40


  • to recognise the factors that enable successful projects to be delivered on time, within budget and according to expectations,
  • describe the PRINCE2® components, processes, and techniques,
  • recognise and use the main PRINCE2® terminology,
  • prepare for and take the PRINCE2® Foundation and Pracitioner certificate examination.


  • participants will learn the key components and PRINCE2® processes, and will be able work in an environment that uses this methodology,
  • participants will learn how to adapt the methodology to the specificity of their projects and organizations,
  • participants will be able to manage projects in a controlled manner from beginning to end,
  • recieve an internationally recognized PRINCE2® certificate right after the training.


  • project managers,
  • members of project teams,
  • executives involved in projects,
  • professionals interested in upgrading their competences in project management.


7 PRINCE2® Principles:

  • Continued Business Justification,
  • Learn from Experience,
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities,
  • Manage by Stages,
  • Manage by Exception,
  • Focus on Products,
  • Tailor to the Environment.

7 PRINCE2® Processes:

  • Starting Up a Project (SU),
  • Initiating a Project (IP),
  • Directing a Project (DP),
  • Controlling a Stage (CS),
  • Managing Product Delivery (MP),
  • Managing Stage Boundaries (SB),
  • Closing a Project (CP).

7 Themes PRINCE2®:

  • Business Case,
  • Organisation,
  • Quality,
  • Plans,
  • Risk,
  • Change,
  • Progress.
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Exam.

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