Project Portfolio Management

The portfolio manager helps their organization realize its business strategy by managing a collection of projects of varying complexity. By managing the benefits of the projects within the portfolio as a whole, they are able achieve strategic aims much more effectively than if the projects were managed independently of each other. Portfolio managers shape the content of their portfolio and its goals, making sure that their actions are consistent with the desired direction of the organization’s development. Consequently, portfolio managers must not only develop strong management skills, but also hone their strategic thinking. By understanding the factors that influence their organization’s strategy and how it is formulated,  they are able to make quick and accurate decisions to support the uniformity of their portfolio and its strategic alignment.

The training explains the principles of portfolio management and shows you how to respond to emerging challenges such as resource optimization or stakeholder reconciliation. You will learn specific techniques that will increase your effectiveness in managing complex portfolios of projects, in order to execute your organization’s strategy. The training will also help prepare you for the Portfolio Management Professional certification (PfMP)®, as the training is based on the new PMI® Standard for Portfolio Management® (4th edition). This edition of the course will also include Agile portfolio management techniques and case studies as well an updated Portfolio Governance module. The training program is very interactive.

Date and place: 11th-12th Marc 2019, Warsaw, Poland
Course price: 950 EUR (4 100 PLN) net

The training will be conducted by John Donohoe: Director, Project Management Office & Chajohn donohoe szkolenienge Management at Star Alliance. As the Director PMO and Change Management at Star Alliance John’s responsibilities include enterprise-wide portfolio management, organizational change management and project delivery.  He implemented portfolio management and developed the PMO to become a strategic partner to ensure the ‘right’ projects were selected in the first place.  He has a strong interest in strategy execution and portfolio management.  He teaches portfolio management and speaks at various strategy execution & project management conferences worldwide including 2017 IIL’s International Project Day and 2017 Germany’s 1st PMI joint conference.  In December 2017 he won the prestigious PMO Innovation award at the Dubai International Project Manager Forum.   He is PfMP certified and featured in PMI’s June 2018 Network magazine, and July’s Projectified podcast on change management.   He also was featured in the internationally recognized Project Management podcast “Episode 269: Portfolio Management and the Strategic Project Management Office (SPMO)”.

See the video: Portfolio Management – Linking Projects to Purpose.

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Training details

Duration 2 days (16 hours)
Level Expert
Certificate Portfolio Management PMI® REP
Number of PDUs in the PMI® competence triangle
Leadership 4
Strategic and Business Managment 6
Technical Project Management 6
Sum 16


  • To familiarize participants with techniques and tools to build and control a project portfolio in line with the organization’s strategy,
  • To discuss the problems the problems and challenges associated with the implementation of Portfolio Portfolio Management and Portfolio Management in an enterprise.
  • Presentation of best practices and familiarization with key terminology of the multi-project environment,
  • Effective preparation for PfMP® certification.


  • You will learn to look at your projects, programs and portfolio from a strategic perspective,
  • You will be able to create and manage your portfolio according to the best international standards,
  • You will learn how to ensure the consistency of your project portfolio with your organization's business objectives,
  • With clear methods of control, you will be more confident in making decisions about prioritizing projects and optimizing resources,
  • You will learn document templates and practical procedures to increase your efficiency,
  • With real case studies, you will find out what problems can occur at different stages and what remedies are on them,
  • You will learn to look at your projects, programs and portfolio from a strategic perspective.


  • Those who design, implement and control project portfolios,
  • Experienced project managers who coordinate several projects at the same time within the portfolio,
  • Senior management,
  • Persons responsible for achieving the strategic objectives of the organization.


Presentation of project portfolio management concepts

  • Project portfolio management objectives,
  • What is portfolio management?
  • The relationship between the portfolio and the strategy,
  • Benefits from portfolio management,
  • Relationship between project management, program and project portfolio,
  • Key roles in portfolio management,
  • Competences necessary for portfolio management,
  • Key stakeholders in the project portfolio.

Defining the portfolio environment and planning activities

  • The impact of strategies and key performance measurements on the portfolio,
  • Identification of goals and strategic domains,
  • Role of PMO in portfolio management,
  • Key portfolio documents: a portfolio strategic plan, portfolio card, portfolio roadmap, portfolio management plan,
  • Portfolio components,
  • Portfolio risk management,
  • Portfolio communication management,
  • Coping with the political aspects of portfolio management,
  • Define a portfolio: Star Alliance example.

Prioritizing and ensuring portfolio consistency with strategy

  • Methods to ensure the consistency of the portfolio with the strategy,
  • How to prioritize your wallet?
  • Determining the availability of resources,
  • Determining resource requirements,
  • The process of introducing a new project,
  • Prioritizing and ensuring consistency of the portfolio with the strategy: Star Alliance example.

Approval and control of the portfolio

  • Portfolio monitoring and control,
  • Portfolio optimization,
  • Maximize the value of the portfolio,
  • Portfolio reporting,
  • Operational portfolio management,
  • Portfolio efficiency management,
  • Strategic change management,
  • Portfolio approval and control: Star Alliance example.

Good portfolio management practices

Overcoming the key barriers to implementing mature portfolio management

PfMP® certification

  • Requirements and the process of applying for PfMP® certification,
  • PMI® Portfolio - the structure and most important elements,
  • PfMP® exam range, key elements and advice for preparing for certification.

The training was conducted very professionally, the trainer has extensive professional experience, which he shared on a regular basis with various examples of practical use of theoretical knowledge. I participated in the same course a few years ago, participating in this training enabled me to confront my current experience with theoretical knowled

Robert Kański, Director of the Project Management Department, European Leasing Fund S.A.

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