Agile PM® Practitioner

AgilePM® is a mature and fully-fledged method linking the aspects of project management and product creation. It can be viewed as a hybrid approach that represents an agile and responsive to changes attitude to manufacturing. Contrarily it has a well-developed sphere of quality and risk management as well as monitoring and control, that enables business to understand the scope, characteristic and development of the solution. This is a complete iterative-adaptive-incremental method that can applied in every sector. This approach encourages to plan the closest steps in detail and let the next steps be precised in time. It helps to answer the changes in the product design and the evolution of the business environment.

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Training details

Level Advanced
Certificate Agile PM® Practitioner + PMI® REP
Number of PDUs in the PMI® competence triangle
Leadership 3
Strategic and Business Managment 4
Technical Project Management 9
Sum 16

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